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Humane Animal Removal

We are experts at animal removal and work throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. At Fur Busters we strive to be 100% humane! The wildlife has the right to live, just not in your home. This is why we utilize equipment like bat cones and one way doors to allow the wild animals to get out of the house and back into the wild. Our animal exclusion services will then keep the animals from coming back.

We Guarantee our Work

Yes we guarantee our work, with options to renew your guarantee year after year. But some circumstances may need other contractors to come in and do there repair work, before we can guarantee the home will stay free of wildlife. (Example if a raccoon tears a hole in the roof we can remove and temporary roof patch. Then you would need a certified roofer to inspect and make the proper repairs to ensure the roof is structurally sound).

We are dealing with wild animals and in a perfect world it is within 24 hours from when the exclusion work begins. In order to ensure humane removal where the wildlife does not get handled or have any human interaction, we leave the one way door devices on the customer’s home for 3-5 buisness days to make sure animals have the proper time to get out.

What does it cost?

The honest answer is every home is different and with out a proper inspection of the home we can not give you a price over the phone. Some homes need just a simple patch and some homes need full removal, prevention and clean up.

If you are concerned about any particular Wildlife that is too close for comfort, take action by working with FurBusters to remove the potential problem.



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Our Animal Exclusion Techniques

Chimney – Chimney caps and screens can prevent animals from falling in or nesting
Plumbing Vents – Properly excluded vents can prevent animals from seeking shelter and becoming stuck in plumbing pipes
Roof & Fascia Spaces – Sealing entry points between the roof and fascia will discourage animal entry
Roof Vents – Lightweight, flimsy vents should be replaced with heavy secure roof vents
Oven & Bathroom Exhaust Vents – Adding vent covers will keep animals out
Roof/Soffit Intersection – Securing soffit gaps will help prevent easy animal entry
Holes in Siding – Repairing & reinforcing holes will discourage animal infestation
Porch & Deck – Installation of durable rat walls around base prevents animal entry
Trees & Landscaping – Removal of overhanging tree limbs and encroaching vegetation denies easy access to your home

Animal Damage Restoration

We can fix the holes and other damage that can be caused by having wild animals in your house. This includes attic restoration, insulation installation, and cleanup of animal wate left behind.

Feces left from wildlife in your home can be more dangerous than the animal itself. Every day byproducts of living, like fur and feces, will remain and the waste is not something you want lingering in your home for very long. Different wildlife animals will have different excrement behaviors; for example, raccoons will use one area of your attic for living and one area known as the “raccoon latrine”.

Dead Animal Removal

If you suspect that an animal has died in or near your home, there is no one better to call for dead animal removal than Fur Busters. We will quickly identify the source of the dead animal smell and quickly remove the carcass from your home.

Fur Busters Wildlife Removal

With locations in Antioch, Illinois, and Salem, Wisconsin, we provide wildlife removal and exclusion services throughout Lake County, McHenry County, and Southern Wisconsin. We are leaders in the animal removal and pest control industry, specializing in bat removal, racoon removal, mice/mouse removal, skunk removal, squirrel removal, opossum removal, ground hog removal, and more...

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