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Wildlife in Northern Illinois: Summer Encounters and Tips for Coexistence

Jun 26, 2023

Summertime in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin brings warmth, sunshine, and the opportunity to experience our area’s diverse wildlife. From playful squirrels to birds of prey, the local ecosystem flourishes during this far too short season. It is essential to understand how to coexist harmoniously with our wild neighbors so we can enjoy them from a distance. In this blog post, we’ll explore some common wildlife encounters in Northern Illinois during the summer and share valuable tips for peacefully sharing our environment.

Backyard Critters

Raccoons: Raccoons are highly adaptable and intelligent creatures that can frequently find their way into neighborhoods and cities. They are primarily nocturnal, and their nimble paws allow them to explore a wide variety of potential food sources, including trash cans. To deter raccoons from causing disturbances, secure your trash cans with tight-fitting lids and consider using wildlife-proof containers. Avoid leaving pet food outside overnight, as it can attract raccoons and other animals.

Opossums: Opossums are gentle marsupials that often reside in wooded areas but may wander into residential communities. They are nocturnal and primarily scavengers, feeding on insects, fruits, and small animals. Opossums are generally non-aggressive and famously play dead when they are feeling threatened. To minimize conflicts, remove potential food sources, such as fallen fruits or open compost piles. Seal off access points, like gaps in fences or crawl spaces, to prevent them from taking shelter in or around your property.

Skunks: Skunks are known for their distinctive and unpleasant odor and their ability to spray when feeling threatened. Although they are primarily nocturnal, they may be seen foraging for food wherever it is available during the evening hours. To avoid encounters with skunks, eliminate attractants such as uncovered garbage or pet food left outside. Keep your yard well-maintained, as skunks may seek shelter under porches, decks, or sheds.

Remember, it’s crucial to admire wildlife from a safe distance and not attempt to handle or interact with them directly. If you encounter injured, orphaned, or sick wildlife, contact a local wildlife rehabilitation center or animal control for guidance.  If any wildlife has taken up residence in your home or property, contact us for safe and humane removal.

By understanding and respecting our wild neighbors, we can coexist peacefully and all contribute to the preservation of our local ecosystem. Remember, if you encounter any wildlife-related concerns or require assistance, our wildlife removal experts are here to help.

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