Skunk Removal

Skunk Removal

Fur Busters animal control specialists are trained to properly, safely, and humanely remove skunks from your property.

Skunk Removal in Lake County and McHenry County IL, and in Southern Wisconsin.


We know how to remove skunks safely.

Alive or dead, removing a skunk poses the risk of getting sprayed and/or contracting rabies or other diseases. Humane skunk removal requires proper training and experience to make sure no one is harmed during the process. If you find a skunk around your home or business, please don’t try to deal with it yourself! Fur Busters animal control specialists are trained in professional tools and techniques to properly, safely, and humanely remove unwanted animals from your property.

How to identify if you have a skunk on your property.

Skunks are a risk to your pets and your property. They are nocturnal, so unless you’re out in the yard at night with a flashlight you will be unlikely to spot them. However, signs of their presence are easy to identify around your home.

The most obvious, of course, is the smell. Skunks spray a liquid with a recognizable horrible odor as a defense mechanism. Unfortunately most-often the primary victim of skunk sprays are pets. If your dog is sprayed by a skunk the odor can stick around for up to three weeks!

Another sign to look for is tracks. Skunks have a unique paw print with five toes and claws that extend outward from each of the toes. Unlike cats, skunks cannot retract their claws so it’s easy to tell the difference between the two.

Property damage is another tell-tale sign. Skunks like to dig! They generally dig to look for food or to create a den in which to sleep. The holes they dig are shallow and small, usually around 4 inches deep and wide, and shaped like a cone. The most common areas on property where skunks like to dig are around window wells, near foundations, under decks or porches, and near sheds. Animal damage like this can add up over time, weakening structures and resulting in costly repairs.

Fur Busters removes the skunk and the damage left behind, and will keep them from coming back.

We are not just experts and humane wildlife removal, we also repair the damage left behind by your unwanted visitors, including removing skunk odor. Our wildlife exclusion services will then keep them from coming back. Trimming back brush, trees, and landscape areas that attract wild animals, patching holes in siding, and installing durable walls around the bases of porches and decks will restrict animal entry.

Fur Busters provides skunk removal services throughout Lake County and McHenry County in Illinois, and across Southern Wisconsin. Call us today at 224-431-7956 to schedule an inspection.

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