Mouse and Rodent Removal

Mouse and Rodent Removal

Humane mouse trapping to remove them and mouse-proofing of your house to keep the mice from coming back.

Mouse and Rodent Removal in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

We can get that mouse out of your house!

With house mice being the most detrimental pests in the United States, Fur Busters is here to stop them from damaging your home! House mice not only gnaw around your home; they also climb, jump, and swim their way around just to get to food. They create damage by chewing through electrical wires, walls, cables, and storage bins.

Fur Busters is specialized in mice removal and control.

This begins with a thorough home inspection to not only determine how severe the problem is, but to also figure out where the entry points are. We aim to provide long-term success with mouse removal and this process will be trapping, removal, exclusion, prevention, and even clean up. With the goal in mind to remove the current infestation and prevent any future infestation, we create a custom plan for your home’s needs to achieve a mouse-free status. We will look in your attic for signs of mice such as droppings, trails, mouse holes, and chewings. Fur Busters uses the most effective traps to safely remove the mice. The time frame for trapping mice could be anywhere from 5 to 14 days depending on how severe the problem is. While we are trapping the mice inside, we will seal up all entry points on the outside of your home to prevent more mice from entering.

Fur Busters provides mouse and rodent removal services throughout Lake County and McHenry County in Illinois, and across Southern Wisconsin. Call us today at 224-431-7956 to schedule an inspection.

Fur Busters Wildlife Removal

With locations in Antioch, Illinois, and Salem, Wisconsin, we provide wildlife removal and exclusion services throughout Lake County, McHenry County, and Southern Wisconsin. We are leaders in the animal removal and pest control industry, specializing in bat removal, racoon removal, mice/mouse removal, skunk removal, squirrel removal, opossum removal, ground hog removal, and more...

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