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Raccoons can be difficult for homeowners to remove safely. Let Fur Busters do it for you.

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Raccoons can be difficult for homeowners to remove safely. Let Fur Busters do it for you.

Raccoon infestations in homes can be a real nuisance, posing health and safety risks to homeowners. These clever and adaptable animals often seek refuge in attics, crawl spaces, and chimneys, making it a challenge for homeowners to safely remove them. Fur Busters is your trusted partner in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin for professional raccoon removal services.

As the raccoon population continues to rise, the need for expert removal services is more critical than ever. These animals are notorious for their ability to scale walls and find creative solutions to access your home, which can lead to property damage and increased stress for homeowners. Our Fur Busters wildlife removal experts are trained in the habits of raccoons and other animals so they are able to quickly identify the best solution for any situation.

Fur Busters will humanely remove raccoons from your property.

One of our key principles at Fur Busters is our commitment to the humane removal of wildlife and animals from your property. When we capture animals using live traps, we don’t harm or hurt the animals. Instead, we safely and responsibly relocate them to their natural habitat, ensuring that no harm comes to them during the removal process. Additionally, if we discover babies during our removal efforts, we work in collaboration with local rehabilitation groups to nurse these young animals back to health, so they can survive on their own in the wild.

Fur Busters skilled wildlife removal team is well-equipped to handle the removal of animals from your home or business.

At Fur Busters, we understand the complexities of animal removal and are dedicated to ensuring a safe and humane resolution to your raccoon problem. Our expert wildlife removal team is well-equipped to handle these situations effectively and efficiently.

Our removal process typically starts with a thorough inspection of your property. During this inspection, one of our experienced Fur Busters team members will assess the severity of the infestation and identify the entry points used by these unwanted guests. We keep an eye out for telltale signs such as footprints, large openings near your attic or crawl space, and feces. This meticulous examination allows us to create a customized plan to trap, remove, and prevent future wild animal intrusions.

After all raccoons have been successfully removed from your property, we take the necessary steps to seal all entry points. This preventative measure is crucial in ensuring that your home remains wildlife-free. By blocking off these access points, you’ll avoid future infestations and the accompanying problems and concerns they bring.

Contact Fur Busters for help with your raccoon problem.

With the raccoon population on the rise, it’s essential to address any problems promptly and effectively. Fur Busters is your trusted partner in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, providing humane and professional wildlife removal services. Our experienced team takes a customized approach to assess and resolve your animal problem, with a focus on safety, humane treatment, and long-term prevention. Don’t let wild animals wreak havoc on your home or business; contact Fur Busters today for a solution you can trust.

Fur Busters offers its professional raccoon removal services throughout Lake County and McHenry County in Illinois, as well as in Southern Wisconsin. Our dedicated team is just a phone call away. Contact us today at 224-788-7011 to schedule an inspection.

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